Let’s meet and greet Kaggle Days!

Where to start? So much has happened since the last blog…change of city, change of job, change of hair (hmm), change of importance academic status – official graduation!

But that’s just me, the valiant Women in Kaggle have not stood still either, they have been stoically trotting the globe, tirelessly networking, coding and collaborating as they go – just for you. We coded, ate and drank large, and had the most amazing time! Kaggle Days in Poland was a wonderful event, and at the risk of sounding like something straight out of Hogwarts, we got to mingle with the Grandmasters and yes, they are real people – no wizardry, but there was a definite sprinkle of magic….

Warsaw welcomed us, offered us traditional dumplings, excellent accommodation, pleasant city walks, museums and even sunshine. The event was a very slick and well managed affair, culminating in a gorgeous, quirky little venue for celebratory drinks on our final evening. Lots of warm cheer and cold beer, with an eclectic camaraderie and music mix – what more could the modern flâneuse desire than a smoky dance floor, 80’s tunes and 100 male Kagglers (and a handful of fearsome women) for competition?

Maria and Patrycja - Kaggleday

And there we met Maria and Patrycja (pictured above) with whom, in partnership with Kaggle, we are further collaborating to introduce the first London Kaggle Days meetup! We’re so excited to be involved with this event and want to invite all of you to join us there. We will release more details as soon as we have them, but hope to host the event in late November.

Plans are to invite a guest panel of speakers to answer your individual Kaggling questions, so get thinking! If you can submit them to us ASAP, we can compile a list to pose to the experts…

But it’s not just the experts that get a say here, we’re still very committed to helping the entire data science community and want to foster pair programming and community learning as much as we can, so we’ll blend talks with hands on workshops, interactive sessions and plenty of star guest speakers, so go sign up once the date is announced and get your place at the very first London event of this global community!

We have some generous sponsors and it’s bound to be a very special evening – places will be limited, so don’t miss out!

Keep Kaggling till the next time,


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